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custom-wool-felt-wall-panel-068-tabs-variant-projects-interior-design-accessories-modern-art-large-1 custom-wool-felt-wall-panel-068-tabs-variant-projects-interior-design-accessories-modern-art-large-2
custom-wool-felt-wall-panel-068-tabs-variant-projects-interior-design-accessories-modern-art-large-3 custom-wool-felt-wall-panel-068-tabs-variant-projects-interior-design-accessories-modern-art-large-4
wall panel 068 t-variant wool felt on plywood

068 t-variant

wool felt on plywood panel
dimensions to order

This deconstructed version of wall panel 068 utilizes the same laminated wool felt applied to a plywood panel. Any colors can be selected, and the frequency of the tabs are customizable as well. Each panel has an integrated cleat on the back to allow for easy installation.

© 2011 David Hamlin