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Submaterial is a small company and we hope you will understand that we cannot offer samples of all our products at no cost. Many of our samples are produced as miniature works and a small section can sometimes require hundreds of dollars to create. Often we are able to provide wall covering samples and swatches at no charge, billing only for custom project or rush samples. We also have various panel samples in stock which can be purchased for your library or sent for a 30-day review.

If you require review samples for an upcoming presentation please let us know. At your request, Submaterial will produce a limited number of samples for your meeting which we will ship with an invoice. You may review the samples for 30 days. At the end of the review period, the samples must be purchased or returned in excellent condition and in their original packaging. If your sample purchase leads to a project with your firm, we will refund the cost of the sample, or apply it to the cost of your project.