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submaterial-diade-wool-felt-custom-acoustic-wall-panel-large-1 submaterial-diade-wool-felt-custom-acoustic-wall-panel-large-2
submaterial-diade-wool-felt-custom-acoustic-wall-panel-large-3 submaterial-diade-wool-felt-custom-acoustic-wall-panel-large-4
submaterial-diade-wool-felt-custom-acoustic-wall-panel-large-5 submaterial-diade-wool-felt-custom-acoustic-wall-panel-large-6
diade modern art wall sculpture is also an acoustic panel


merino wool felt on plywood panel
made to order at any size

A unique design collaboration between product designer David Hamlin at Submaterial and interior designer Sarah Denae at Sparc Designs in Portland, OR has resulted in the Diade modular felt panel for residential and commercial environments. Working from a 2-D pattern created with the Portland residential client in mind, Submaterial developed the idea into a three-dimensional, modular panel system that can be easily installed by the customer with a minimum of tools. Colors and finished size can be customized to suit any space.

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