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modern-wool-felt-anodized-aluminum-wall-sculpture-panel-071-art-large-1 modern-wool-felt-anodized-aluminum-wall-sculpture-panel-071-art-large-2
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modern-wool-felt-anodized-aluminum-wall-sculpture-panel-071-art-large-5 modern-wool-felt-anodized-aluminum-wall-sculpture-panel-071-art-large-6
wall panel 071 - natural wool felt on anodized aluminum panel

wall panel 071

wool felt on anodized aluminum panel
custom colors and sizes available

The engaging striped surface of wall panel 071 is created using dozens of layers of wool felt of various colors and thicknesses. The placement of each color and thickness is carefully considered as the panel is assembled, achieving a balanced composition with color and line weight. This soft-surfaced felt wall panel can be composed either vertically or horizontally, and has a spacing feature on the back which gives it a floating effect. A backing panel of anodized aluminum wraps around the ends in a clean detail. Installs quickly with provided cleat. Custom colors, sizes and configurations available. Wall panel 071 has excellent acoustic properties. View colorway ideas.

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