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modern-wool-felt-acoustic-wall-panel-068-sculpture-art-large-1 modern-wool-felt-acoustic-wall-panel-068-sculpture-art-large-2
modern-wool-felt-acoustic-wall-panel-068-sculpture-art-large-3 modern-wool-felt-acoustic-wall-panel-068-sculpture-art-large-4
modern-wool-felt-acoustic-wall-panel-068-sculpture-art-large-5 modern-wool-felt-acoustic-wall-panel-068-sculpture-art-large-6
wall panel 068 - natural color-laminated wool felt on sustainable plywood panel

wall panel 068

color-laminated wool felt on plywood panel
60 colors and custom sizes available

The deeply textured wall panel 068 is made with color-laminated 100% merino wool felt on an FSC certified plywood sub-panel. The rhythmic, grid-like composition of each panel is achieved using two colors of felt: a main body color, and an interlayer with a complimentary but contrasting color. Felt components are meticulously cut and assembled by hand, and the plywood sub-panel is sturdily constructed. Installation is simple using a concealed cleat and instructions tailored to each custom piece. As with our other felt wall panel designs, wall panel 068 has excellent acoustic properties. Many custom color combinations and sizes available.

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