Our collection of acoustic wall surfaces is a natural evolution of our growing interest in sound-softening materials. The beauty of these wall systems is more than just skin deep. Beneath the thick commercial-grade wool felt facing these floor-to-ceiling panels is a high-performance, thermally-formed acoustic substrate (see test results) that is moisture resistant and light in weight. These new designs emphasize the craftsmanship and attention to detail typical of the Submaterial studio, while showcasing the hand-applied work which has become a Submaterial signature.

Effortless concentric forms and nested lines define many of these new wall surfaces, while others use laminated color and bold linearity to striking effect. Like all Submaterial designs, the underlying modularity allows for great adaptability and customization possibilities. The panels are designed to minimize or hide seams between units, allowing for a continuous installation appearance.

With more than 60 colors to choose from, our acoustic wall surfaces are easily customizable to any interior environment. Any of the panel designs can be installed using direct glue or z-clip mounting. The standard size of 116” x 34” means continuous floor-to-ceiling application in many situations, and the designs are easily extended or framed with additional felt-faced sections.