chaircuterie 2014

October 18, 2014

While Submaterial has often participated in the Design After Dark events benefiting the Design Council programs of the Denver Art Museum, we were very excited to be selected for the new Chaircuterie event. One hundred creatives were asked to craft 25 full-size chairs, 50 miniature chairs and 25 two-dimensional chair representations. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with talented Submaterial studio manager Joseph Bosque on a one-of-a-kind piece rather different from our usual work, and like most things at Submaterial it began with drawings followed by LOTS of cutting.

We rigged up some clever templates and jigs to get a fast build for our stacked foam-core mold, but there was quite a bit of repetition since we were trying to produce three versions of the chair.

Finally, it was time to get to the casting for which we selected a quick-setting concrete mix. As you can see, mixing is extremely serious.

It was torture waiting overnight for the concrete to set, but in the morning we were able to come in and get two of the three versions out of their molds. One version, which was complicated by having an array of aluminum tubes piercing the structure, proved especially difficult to clean up, even with the tiny brushes we were using.

Despite Joe’s valiant scrubbing, we decided the go with the simpler version for our Chaircuterie submission. The casting process was something new and fun for us, and had us thinking about future products and applications. Thanks toChaircuterie for selecting our work!

This event supports AIGA Colorado mentorship programming and the Denver Art Museum’s Department of Architecture, Design and Graphics, steward of the AIGA Design Archives. This program is supported by Denver Arts & Venues Cultural Partner Program and the McNichols Civic Center Building.