Spooky Scraps

31 October 2017 |

Halloween at Submaterial is a fun opportunity for employees to utilize scrap material for original costume designs. Many employees make their own costumes, incorporating our scraps of wool felt in a variety of colors.

Since employees are experienced in the behavior of felt and ways to manipulate it, it has become a go-to for many home crafts. We have employees who make dog toys, coasters, and purses/totes.

Below are a few of the most notable Halloween costumes around the studio.

1. Brody – the Red Boston Terrier Skeleton

2. Andy – the Glue-Suite Shark

3. Emily – as a Felt Armadillo

4. Lilu – as Leeloo from the Movie Fifth Element

5. Soba – as an Eggplant

6. John – with his Felt Devil Horns

7. Ayrton – as an Evil Queen