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28 February 2019 |

Submaterial Products

Submaterial offers three product categories with a total of twenty-seven designs to choose from. In addition to these standard product designs, our decision to utilize handcraft methods provides us with the ability to create infinite customization options. Below are a few ways we can adapt our existing product designs to meet demands of any interior.

Submaterial Products

Custom Wallcoverings

Our most popular product line is our Wallcovering Collection, with ten standard designs featuring a cork-composite backing and a wool felt face. The customization options for this collection are vast, and include strip adjustments, fire-treatment, modular tile sizes, and the ability to upgrade the backing material.

Custom Wallcoverings

Felt Strip Size & Composition – Each design is made up of a set number of strips or parts in up to four compositions per modular tile. Custom wallcoverings can feature; felt strips in any size, each felt component a different color, unique composition of the felt strips, and choice of felt thickness for added dimension or color-blocking.


Wallcoverings like Index DimensionalIndex Wide, and Index Color-Blocked have modular tiles with A, B, C, and D composition layouts, but can be rearranged to any desired pattern system. Whether you want to change the strip sequence or quantity, we’re happy to work with our clients to find the most effective solution.

Fire Treatment – The Wallcovering Collection is a Class B fire-rating, but can also include fire-treated felt and a fire-retardant, water-based adhesive upon request.


Backing Material – To increase acoustic dampening (boost NRC to 0.60), Wallcoverings can be backed with a rigid acoustic substrate instead of three-millimeter cork-composite.

Wallcoverings can also function as tackable surfaces by increasing the cork backing thickness from three-millimeters to six-millimeters; this option is perfect for company conference rooms and residential feature walls.

Custom Acoustic Surfaces

Similarly to the Wallcovering options, the Acoustic Collection can be fire treated, and has countless customizations regarding color and composition. There are five standard designs to choose from, including; Bulb (below), HexRainHorizontal Bar, and Vertical Bar. These floor-to-ceiling wall paneling systems are based on a 117” x 34” module and install with aluminum z-clips.


Color & Composition – Our studio has access to over 60 FilzFelt colors, and we can mix and match to create the perfect colorway for any space. While designs like Hex and Bulb typically incorporate one design module on each panel at the same height, we also encourage clients to add any necessary modules or even alternate their heights for a more striking aesthetic.

Patterning – One example of a custom Acoustic Collection design was completed mid-2018 for a client in Beijing. The customer gave us diagrammatic images and our studio replicated their branded pattern (see below)

If you can draw it, our studio can make it!

Custom Inquires

Our Wallcovering and Acoustic products are available exclusively through our partner and felt provider, FilzFelt. For detailed information and product samples, you can reach out to your local FilzFelt Sales Representative. You can also contact us directly at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with the right person.

Custom Inquiries