On their surface Submaterial designs have a clean, simple geometry balanced by an unexpected warmth. The easy forms are precisely crafted by hand in natural materials, and yet every product also reveals something about the underlying design and fabrication process. It is an understandable and intuitive design language that embraces and balances the tactile and the visual.

Submaterial has always made the installation experience for the customer one of our primary design objectives. The materials used in the creation of our products are both durable and easy to work with. Cuts in the field can be managed with simple hand tools, and the modularity of our products makes for little waste. Our instructions are clear and practical, and often written specifically to suit the requirements of an installation.

This emphasis on natural materials and the scalable, modular qualities of Submaterial designs makes customization easy. From global design and architecture firms to design-minded residential consumers, we work closely with each client to find new and creative applications for our work. All our products are designed and made-to-order in the United States so making changes in color, layout, dimension and other factors is managed efficiently from the Submaterial studio.

Collage of wool felt and cork wall coverings with acoustic panels

Six shades of brown highlight the color options of Index Solid wool felt and cork wall covering. Deep blue color brings out the texture of Index Dimensional wool felt and cork wall covering. Image of Bulb acoustic wall panel system featuring concentric graphic designs applied to light gray wool felt faces. Detail of acoustic wall panel system in bright yellow wool felt.