The diverging and converging lines of Rain conceal a workhorse acoustic substrate. Beneath the wool felt face is a high-performance, thermally-formed acoustic panel that is moisture resistant and light in weight. When installed using standard z-clips Rain panels provide an NRC rating of 0.60. Each installation of Rain features an equal distribution of four panel layouts to insure a pleasing randomized effect. Our acoustic panels are designed to minimize or hide seams between units, allowing for a continuous installation appearance. Choose from more than 60 colors and custom color blocking options.

With a complete selection of matched baseboard material, end-of-run-trim and scribing boards our acoustic wall surfaces are easily customizable to any interior environment. The standard size of 34” W x 116” H means continuous floor-to-ceiling application in many situations, and the designs are easily extended or framed with additional felt-faced sections. Overall depth of installed panels is 1-1/2”. Complete installation instructions and hardware ship with every order. Production lead-time is 4-6 weeks.

Collage of Submaterial’s Rain from the Acoustic Collection, a paneling system that can brighten a space and soften sound

Rain in a white wool felt from Submaterial’s Acoustic Collection, a floor to ceiling wall system for commercial interiors Detail image of Rain from the Acoustic Collection made from white wool felt From the Acoustic Collection, Rain features soft vertical movement through the modular floor to ceiling panels

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