Over many years and hundreds of projects Submaterial has achieved considerable capability as a custom fabricator. Many clients have pushed the limits of our product designs to suit a specific application for their projects, while others have come to us with designs in-hand and hoping for our studio to help fully realize them. In each case, we’ve been thrilled by the challenges of these projects and the chance to expand our abilities and techniques. We are honored to collaborate with so many talented people.

Each custom project presents unique opportunities to look at our work through another lens. How can our work meet the goals of our clients? What techniques shall we use? These questions often arise as we consider the fabrication techniques that are appropriate for each new project. Our current toolbox includes precise cutting of wool felt, leather, cork and wood using hand tools, dies and specialized machinery, large and small glue assemblies, woodworking and joinery, sewing, metal fabrication and leatherworking.

We’d love the chance to work with you on your next custom project. Get in touch!

Collage of Submaterial custom projects in wool felt and black walnut

Detail image of Submaterial’s walnut panel, with alternating height pieces for added dimension T-Variant custom design in wool felt, showing score and textural details Detailed surface image of a custom wall panel in bright yellow and orange, now a featured collection titled Horizon