Black Walnut Panel

This commissioned custom wall panel in American black walnut was assembled from dozens of face and end-grain sections. The sculptural, mosaic-like surface makes a passing reference to the design of our Aerial wall panel, though the arrangement here is unique. A light Danish oil finish was applied to enhance the beauty and warmth of the wood. To reduce weight, the sculptural surface was constructed over a plywood panel which also created room for a concealed mounting cleat.

Each custom project presents unique opportunities to look at our work through another lens. We’d love the chance to work with you on your next custom project. Get in touch!

Collage image of custom wood wall art panel in american black walnut

Image of custom wood wall panel in american black walnut with orange modern lamp Detail image showing mix of flat grain and end-grain american black walnut in a custom wood wall panel Close up image of surface of custom wood wall panel in american black walnut