Perhaps more than any other product offering, our panel collection demonstrates the precise hand-work and vibrant interplay of color and form Submaterial has become known for. Natural materials such as wool felt, cork, leather, metal and wood are worked with skill and craftsmanship to produce durable wall panels that often feature an additional layer of acoustic performance. The deeply textured surfaces and engaging patterns can add a rich visual focus to any interior space.

Many Submaterial panels feature a high-performance acoustic core, which expands their application beyond mere beauty. The 10mm thick polyester fiber core material has excellent acoustic properties (see test results) and yet is completely concealed within the panel design.

Each of our panels is designed with an integrated cleat system built into the panel back. The installed panels rest flush against the wall surface, or use integrated spacers to create a floating effect. Because our designs are modular, many panels can be linked in sequence to create the seamless appearance of a continuous panel at any length. Complete instructions and installation hardware ship with each order.

Collage image of acoustic and decorative wool felt wall panel options in many colors.

Detail image of Wall Panel 068 T-Variant in blue wool felt with multi-color tabs over acoustic substrate. Large Wall Panel 067 in deeply textured white wool felt over acoustic substrate in a concrete lobby. Detail image of Diade wall panel in yellow and blue wool felt over acoustic substrate. Detail image of Wall Panel 071 in stripes of blue and gray wool felt.