The Ojo Wall Panel draws together natural materials, vibrant color, and a rich cultural legacy to create a striking one of a kind modern wall accessory.  From its origin in South American Spiritual traditions to its expression as a childhood yarn craft in 1970’s America, these concentric and colorful forms have fascinated generations.

Submaterial uses the finest natural wool felt in the construction of the Ojo Wall Panel. Each panel is meticulously handcrafted to create a balanced composition using color and line weight. The resulting surface communicates an illusion of depth, where color adjacencies define a sense of dimensional space.

Each panel is unique and customizable according to customer preference. More than 60 colors can be arranged to create vibrant colorways. The individual felt faces are nested into an aluminum cradle with a high gloss enamel finish. A range of complimentary enamel finishes are available. Panels can be sized to order.

The panel appears to float slightly away from the wall due to the integrated cleat and spacer built into the panel back. Customers can select any arrangement and number of colors to create their unique panel; however, the Ojo Panel has several suggested configurations including gradients, mixes, and color-blocking.

This soft-surfaced wall panel can be composed in a square or rectangular format. The panel face is composed of hundreds of ¾” wide bands of wool felt. The metal cradle provides an elegant and continuous frame around the panel edge. As with all wall panels from Submaterial, Ojo is easy to install using our integrated cleat system and included hardware. Production lead-time is 4-6 weeks.


Submaterial's Ojo Wall Panel with modern accessories.

Submaterial's Ojo Wall Panel with modern accessories.

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Ojo Wall Panel

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