Wall Panel 067

Thick wool felt tabs turned on end in a grid-like array create the lively surface of Wall Panel 067. The look is architectural and clean, with components meticulously cut and assembled by hand from more than 40 available colors. Upon request, the deeply textured and monochrome surface can be fabricated over our high-performance acoustic core and feature an NRC rating of 0.50. The dense natural material and bold design make these panels a great choice when artwork has to do double-duty as an acoustic enhancement.

Wall Panel 067 from Submaterial is made to order at any size with a 2” increment, and our fabrication allows us to create modular panels which join easily and seamlessly into large continuous works. Wool felt tabs and edge material are 5mm in thickness. Panel face uses 3mm wool felt. Wall Panel 067 is designed with an integrated cleat system built into the panel back and the installed panel rests flush against the wall surface. Complete instructions and installation hardware ship with each order. Production lead-time is 4-6 weeks.

Wall Panel 067 wool felt wall panels with thick sculptural surface details in various color options

Wall Panel 067 detail image with a deep textural surface in blue wool felt over an acoustic substrate Wall Panel 067 in white wool felt installed in a concrete lobby providing excellent acoustic performance Wall Panel 067 styled with modern accessories in white wool felt providing acoustic benefits Wool felt Wall Panel 067 adds acoustic performance to this modern interior with a deep textural surface Installed in a modern residential interior, Wall Panel 067 provides acoustic softening through the thick felt textural surface

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Wall Panel 067

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Wall Panels by Submaterial “Submaterial specializes in creating unique 3D sculptured wall panels from taking everyday materials”

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Submaterial Wall Panels “…(Design Milk is) really into their felt wall panels. Not only are they lovely as wall art, but they’re 3D which adds some texture and interest to your space.”

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