Wall Panel 070

Sculptural and richly detailed, Wall Panel 070 features a geometric built-up surface of concentric squares in vegetable-tanned cowhide or recycled leather composite. Meticulously cut and assembled by hand, each panel celebrates the precise handwork which has become a Submaterial signature. The thick cowhide is available in 26 colors and the recycled leather composite is available in natural and charcoal.

Wall Panel 070 from Submaterial can be made to order at any size with a 2” increment. Scale of components is often determined by thickness of the face material. For 3mm recycled leather composite the smallest design component is 1/8” wide. For vegetable-tanned cowhide the smallest design component is ¼”. Layouts and color selection to be approved by client prior to fabrication. Wall Panel 070 is designed with an integrated cleat system built into the panel back and the installed panel rests flush against the wall surface. Edges are framed in the same leather as the face. The modular design means that panels can be added seamlessly in sequence creating the effect of a continuous panel on a very large scale. Complete instructions and installation hardware ship with each order.

Wall Panel 070 collage of images showing leather color options and the interaction of light and shadow across each piece

Styled photo of Wall Panel 070 made from hand-cut, recycled leather in a tan color A surface design created to interact with light, this Wall Panel 070 is made from thick white leather and precisely hand-assembled Detail image of recycled leather Wall Panel 070 revealing a three dimensional and sculptural surface Detail image of the hand-crafted leather wall panel 070 from Submaterial in white leather.

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Wall Panel 070

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Wall Panels by Submaterial “Submaterial specializes in creating unique 3D sculptured wall panels from taking everyday materials”

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Submaterial Wall Panels “…(Design Milk is) really into their felt wall panels. Not only are they lovely as wall art, but they’re 3D which adds some texture and interest to your space.”

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