Wall Panel 071

The engaging striped surface of Wall Panel 071 is created using dozens of layers of wool felt of varied colors and thicknesses. Each client approaches this design with their unique sense of color and composition, making every panel a personal expression. The placement of each stripe is carefully considered as the panel is assembled, achieving a balanced composition with color and line weight. Framed with a standard clear anodized aluminum cradle, the panel appears to float slightly away from the wall due to the integrated cleat and spacer built into the panel back. There are more than 60 colors available for Wall Panel 071, and non-standard metal finishes include hand-blackened steel and a wide range of powder coats. Color-blocking and color gradients are available options for Wall Panel 071.

Wall Panel 071 from Submaterial is made to order at any dimension, and our fabrication allows us to create modular panels which join easily and seamlessly into large continuous works. This soft-surfaced wall panel can be composed either vertically or horizontally. Overall panel depth including cleat is 1-1/2”. The panel face is composed of hundreds of ¾” wide bands of 2mm – 5mm wool felt. The metal cradle is precisely formed and ships with the edges film-protected. As with all wall panels from Submaterial, Wall Panel 071 is easy to install using our integrated cleat system and included hardware. Production lead-time is 4-6 weeks.

Collage image of Wall Panel 071 color and style options in modern interior environments

Image of a bright modern interior with Wall Panel 071 in yellow green and brown wool felt. Interior image of wall panel 071 features colorful wool felt in a striped composition and is mounted in an aluminum cradle Strips of colorful wool felt assemble to create the textural surface of wall panel 071 Full image of striped surface of large 071 wall panel in black gray and white wool felt gradient

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Wall Panel 071

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