Figure no. 3

The Figure series was distilled from our Construct wall hanging patterns which were reimagined as a new group of wool felt and cork wallcoverings. Scaled large for whole-room impact, these bold, organic patterns are both graphic and dimensional. Figure wall coverings are available in more than 60 colors of sustainable wool felt, and because each piece is assembled by hand, we are able to offer custom color-blocking options which dramatically increase the colorway possibilities. Contact us for more details.

Figure no. 3 is made-to-order as 12” H x 24” W tiles using 3mm and 5mm wool felt bonded to 3mm cork composite backing. Each order contains an equal distribution of the two pattern elements to insure the proper installation, and the position of each tile in the pattern is marked on the back. We use only water-based low VOC adhesives in the production of Figure no. 3. The alternating heights of 3mm and 5mm wool felt, combined with the 3mm composite cork backing provide a 0.20 NRC rating. Mounted panels featuring our acoustic core are available, boosting the NRC rating to 0.60. Figure no. 3 cuts easily on-site using a utility knife. Install using a clay-based heavy-duty wallcovering adhesive. Color-matched end-of-run trim is available. Production lead-time is 4-6 weeks.

Collage of Figure no. 3 wool felt and cork wall covering options.

Figure no. 3 pattern wool felt and cork dimensional wall covering in gray orange with man. Figure no. 3 pattern wool felt and cork wall covering in gray orange with mid-century furniture. Detail image of Figure no. 3 pattern wool felt and cork wall covering in monochrome gray.

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Figure no. 3

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