M. Zimmer | Monarch

This monarch chrysalis is in a transformative state, motionless now, but ready to emerge. This garden-inspired vessel is made of recycled industrial wool felt materials from Submaterial.

Part of a collection of works by Albuquerque artist Molly Zimmer, the vessels are textured portals into a playful, whimsical, and bright garden realm. The textile assemblages aim to immerse the viewer within the sensual comforts and protection of the garden. Learn more about this collaboration here.

Molly Zimmer is a multimedia artist and Textile Restorer of Navajo weavings. Her fabric sculptures combine painting, textile, and collage with recycled materials. Her work has been exhibited throughout New Mexico and nationally.


  • Grays, Black, Orange
  • 19"H x 9.5"W


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