Submaterial Open House

October 2, 2018

Brief History

Design and manufacturing company Submaterial has evolved out of a few lost years in art school, two failed companies, a passionate interest in design and a lifetime of knowledge gained through multiple positions in the furniture and lighting industry.

Many of Submaterial’s current designs have been translated and re-engineered from the two previous iterations of the company. David Hamlin, the Creative Director and company Owner, has become more familiar with wool felt and composite cork, which are a staple of Submaterial products. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks, Snapchat, and many more are placing large orders of wool felt Wallcoverings. Although these Wallcoverings and Panels are popular in the design industry, we are working on re-integrating other natural materials like leather and wood.

Open House

This year, Submaterial has successfully connected with the local design community, which was evident at our Open House event. Over 100 people stopped in over the course of the evening and a dozen ready-to-ship panels were sold during the corresponding Panel Sale. We had many architecture firms represented, as well as members of AED, local museums, artists, and other design enthusiasts.

Rosebar Food+Farm

Our Open House was catered by Rosebar Food+Farm, a local farm-to-table caterer founded in 2016 by two life-long best friends. The two grew up in Maine and re-located to the desert Southwest where they have been “inspired by the seasonal produce of the Rio Grande Valley.”