winter newsletter 2014

February 14, 2014

Explorations – Winter in the high desert can be brutally cold and drab despite the ever-present sunshine. Driven indoors, the Submaterial studio has been finding inspiration in materials we don’t often get a chance to work with.  Recently, a return client requested a custom wood panel for their residence in Austin, TX. It so happened that Submaterial had some beautiful American black walnut in storage, and we’d been looking for an opportunity to use it for some time.  This material was originally collected as urban salvage scrap from furniture manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest, and it has been hidden away in the corners of our studio for several years.

The custom wood panel we created was assembled from dozens of face and end grain sections. The variety of heights and hollows made for a very sculptural surface, and the composition was laid out with an eye toward balance. A light Danish oil finish was applied to enhance the beauty and warmth of the wood. To reduce weight, the walnut surface was constructed over a hollow plywood panel which also allowed room for an integrated hanging cleat. It was a very enjoyable exploration for the studio and we look forward to doing some similar work in the future.

Commercial Projects – This dramatic Index WIDE panel was selected by New York–based designer Mark Deserf for the Seventh Avenue showroom of a popular women’s wear design label. A bold colorway in many shades of gray wool felt was chosen by the client and the strong lines definitely add to the imposing scale of the piece. At 6’ H x 7’ W the panel was designed and fabricated in two sections which could be easily and seamlessly assembled on-site. This modular quality of many Submaterial designs helps reduce the cost of shipping and makes for an easier installation. Complete instructions and hardware are provided for every project.

Staff – Submaterial is growing and we are very glad to welcome three new fabrication studio assistants to our team. Each of them brings their own special blend of talents and interests to the work, and we are anticipating a year of fantastic projects. Welcome Matt, Ayla and Joe!

In our upcoming spring newsletter we’ll be sharing some great images of recent commercial installations and introducing some new products to our panel line-up. See you after the thaw!