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submaterial-figure-two-wool-felt-cork-acoustic-wall-covering-large-1 submaterial-figure-two-wool-felt-cork-acoustic-wall-covering-large-2
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submaterial-figure-two-wool-felt-cork-acoustic-wall-covering-large-5 submaterial-figure-two-wool-felt-cork-acoustic-wall-covering-large-6

figure no.2

wool felt and natural cork
12 in x 24 in sections

We've taken two of our most popular Construct wallhanging patterns and reimagined them as a new series of wool felt and cork wall coverings . Scaled large for whole-room impact, these bold, organic patterns are both graphic and dimensional. Figure no. 2 is bold and geometric, providing a strong architectural element. Each pattern in the series has multiple installation variations, expanding the pattern options for each design.Choose from 42 colors and custom color-blocking options.

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