Index Color-Blocked

Index Color-Blocked combines sustainable wool felt and natural cork composite to create an easy-to-apply wallcovering system for interior walls. Made by hand and using low VOC water-based adhesives, Index Color-Blocked is easily customized to suit any project. With more than 60 colors to choose from, it’s simple to create subtle to striking colorways and graphic wall installations that reduce harsh acoustics. The engaging, visually active surface of Index Color-Blocked is perfect for feature and accent walls.

Index Color-Blocked is made-to-order and comes in two sizes: the standard 6” H x 24” W tile and a scaled-up 12” H x 36” W tile. The product is priced by the square foot, so the size of the tiles does not affect price. Each order contains an equal distribution of four tile types to insure a pleasing randomized effect. The 3mm wool felt face, combined with the 3mm composite cork backing provides a 0.20 NRC rating. Mounted panels featuring our acoustic core are available, boosting the NRC rating to 0.60. Production lead-time is 4-6 weeks. Install using a clay-based heavy-duty wallcovering adhesive. Index Color-Blocked cuts easily on-site using a utility knife and can be wrapped around corners using available corner trim. Color-matched end-of-run trim is also available.

Product Sheet

Index Color-Blocked

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