Bank of America, Jersey City

FilzFelt, our biggest supplier of wool felt, directed the global Gensler architecture and design planning firm directly to us for a project. Gensler, while working on a Bank of America building in Jersey City, New Jersey, was looking for some intriguing, themed installations for five different floors.

After an initial exploration, marrying our products to their ideas, they chose two different designs: modified versions of our Odessa and Diade Panels.

For the Odessa design, Production Manager Cristine Posner explains, “they wanted a gradient of the Odessa and Odessa T-variant products.” While Odessa installation would only consist of five 40” x 40” panels, the look and feel of the pattern was very detailed and required a bit of creative arrangement. A structured, kinetic fade was in order, and it took some work to make it look right. “One of the things we went back and forth on was how they wanted the gradient to look. Basically, they asked for an Odessa in the center (100% coverage), with 25% fade on the second panel, and 50% fade on the outside panels,” says Cristine. “So, we talked to them about how they wanted that to work.” The end result was a visually dynamic pattern that imparts a sense of movement. It’s very cool.

A trio of green felt wall panels with circle, half circle, and straight lines creating a modern pattern with light accent colors.

For the Diade design, our client chose five of the six available panel designs, and then the panels were grouped in sets of three. The client saw the Diade on our website and knew it fit their motif; a simple but impeccable match. Color selection of both designs consisted of sending them a few rounds of digital mockups of different hues, both for the base and for the tabs. Once we outlined the colors and layouts, they gave us creative license to execute the final design. We aligned the panels side by side to ensure the patterns were visually weighted properly and looked even. Then, we carefully crated them, bid them a bon voyage, and off they went to New Jersey.