Our homes have become multifunctional over the last few years, and flexible space-organizing options that are practical and aesthetically pleasing are key. Our Divvy Screens define your personal space without confining it. The sound-dampening qualities of the materials also provide acoustic separation. The design of the Steno Screen exudes perfectly updated MCM vibes.

Each modern room divider is fabricated and hand-assembled in our New Mexico studio using modular tiles of dense wool felt. Flexible connections are made with sturdy stainless-steel rings with a soft, satin finish. Divvy Screens can be fabricated in more than 90 wool felt colors or various cork tones.

Modern, yet nostalgic. Solid, yet see-through. The new Century Screen from Submaterial elevates any space. Fabricated in walnut or white oak veneer laminated with natural cork and hung in tiles of variable length, the elements of the Century screen are positionable; one can twist and turn the tiles to create the transparency level of their choice. The engaging dimensional surface catches the sunlight and produces dramatic shadows.

A tan leather rectangle with built up small squares hung vertically on a wall with other art works.

Century Screen

One dark gray and one mustard yellow felt screen hang in a space. The pattern is rounded squared with occasional square punch outs.

Divvy | Basis

One tan and one red felt screen in an open petal shaped pattern hang in a white space.

Divvy | Lyric

Lavender felt screen with rounded trapezoid shapes hangs behind a modern orange couch in a house

Divvy | Steno