2017 Design Trends

15 January 2018 |

With a new year, we naturally think of the future and how we’re going to tackle the next twelve months. Although we are definitely looking forward, we want to share 2017’s top selling design, largest order, and common color selections.


Submaterial wallcoverings are comprised of twenty-four-inch tiles with sound-softening qualities. Since the design launch in 2012, our Index Dimensional Wallcovering has remained our top-selling product. Last year, we added multiple new designs; a new collection of acoustic wallcoverings, two more Figure Wallcoverings, and we are currently prototyping a few designs for Spring 2018. With all these new designs, Index Dimensional will have more competition, and we can’t wait to see which product earns the top spot for next year.

Index Dimensional


Although Index Dimensional remains our most popular design, 2017’s largest order was a custom wallcovering series in Brooklyn, NY at the Domino Sugar Refinery. Read more about the master plan by Shop Architects here, and more about our involvement here.

A collaboration with Leeser Architecture produced two custom designs. The first design is a version of our T-Variant Wall Panel, and the second is a series of square tiles with multiple shape cutouts.

This highly customized order required an installation team who knew the products and understood the aesthetic goals. In turn, we sent four employees to New York City last fall to complete the facade detailing.

Domino Sugar Refinery


Submaterial products are available in over 60 colors of wool felt, yet every year we notice a strong color preference across the board. In 2017, there was a pull for gray as the neutral balance, and blue as the color pop. This trend is also visible in the Domino custom project above.


With January overflowing with orders, we know 2018 will be full of new designs, challenging custom orders, and unique colorways.  Sign up for our newsletter to get Submaterial updates right to your inbox.