5 Things with Bobby Nolan

5 October 2020 |

Hello again from 5-Things, an inside peek at what our team members are currently into! This week you’ll hear from Bobby, one of our most stalwart glue team members. Floridian in origin, with stints in Chicago and San Francisco before landing in New Mexico, we’re ever so glad he’s a part of our team. Dog dad to Norm and Ollie, expert chef, guitarist and… knife maker! We hope you enjoy his picks.

5 Things with Bobby Nolan

1. I spent a few years running production for a culinary knife company out of the San Francisco area. Here, I was able to develop the craft of knife making and built myself an excellent carbon steel chef’s knife. This knife has been with me for many years and has been an excellent tool that I use everyday.

2. I love cracking into a bottle of natural wine. As summer fades into fall, I particularly enjoy a great bottle of orange wine. The world of natural and low-intervention wine is endlessly exciting and bridges ancestral methods with the vibrancy of winemakers creating outside the typical and traditional. Also very tasty!

3. A few years back, I took my love for coffee to the next level by beginning to roast my own coffee from green beans. Originally, I began by roasting with a modified popcorn air popper and eventually upgraded to a fluid bed coffee roaster. I have loved tinkering with roast levels and exploring coffee varieties, origins and how growing conditions affect flavor profiles.

5 Things with Bobby Nolan

4. I use Libby nearly everyday to listen to audiobooks borrowed from the public library. A few recent excellent reads were The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead and Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson.

5. Since starting at Submaterial, I have been amazed by the transformation of minimal designs into intricate spaces when installed at scale. I particularly enjoy this effect with Ribsy and Imprint.