5 Things with Corinne Fay

24 August 2020 |

Today we’re so excited to introduce our newest feature: 5 Things! Get a peek into our worlds as we share 5 hobbies, moods, products, entertainment, bits and bobs, and whatever else that we’re currently digging.

Our very first 5 Things is brought to you by Corinne Fay, office manager. Originally from Maine, she’s the grounding Capricorn of our team, chef extraordinaire, and dog-mom to Bunny the pit bull. Enjoy her picks!

5 Things with Corinne Fay

1. I’m known around Submaterial as one of our resident Astrology nerds. Every Sunday I look forward to listening to Jessica Lanyadoo’s Ghost of a Podcast. Each week she answers a listener question and provides a look at the week ahead.

2. Summer 2020 is the summer of loungewear, am I right? I can’t say I ever thought I’d be recommending pink shorts, but I love these. They are a great weight and a great length and even avowed neutral-lover like myself needs to wear color sometimes.

3. It’s summer, get thee to a body of water! Can’t recommend sticking your feet in a river (or stream or ocean or lake or heck even a kiddie pool) highly enough. Even a visit to the Rio Grande, which nearly dries up this time of year, can satisfy the urge.

5 Things with Corinne Fay

4. I know everyone is sick of talking about sourdough, but I love this sourdough focaccia recipe. It requires no real shaping, which makes it very easy and satisfying. I put green olives on mine.

5. My grandparents lived most of their lives in a modern pre-fab house built in the 1950s. You would enter the front door and descend a half flight of stairs to the living room and kitchen. Right across from the stairs hung an oval mirror where you could watch yourself walking into the house. Our Wander Pill Mirror reminds me of the shape of that one, but I particularly love the Wander Circle Mirror. It’s both timeless and stylish and I’d love to hang one in my entryway as a callback to the one in my grandparents house.