5 Things with Damian Garduño

4 September 2020 |

Back again this week with 5 Things: the biweekly sampling of various Submaterial staffers’ favorite things that they’re currently digging!

This week, Submaterial designer Damian Garduño brings you his late summer edits. Raised in Dallas, Damian moved to Albuquerque 7 years ago to study architecture at UNM. Currently a grad student, he juggles a full student/work load, which we all admire but do not envy. His Rhino skills make all our products complete with beautiful technical drawings; and his easy-going nature means we all adore him. Enjoy his picks!

5 Things with Damian Garduño

1. I absolutely love homemade pasta and it’s really easy to make. I really enjoy experimenting with different shapes and colors! Using the juices from other foods, like beets and spinach, can turn the dough into different colors. Here is a great video on shapes and types of dough – this video always inspires me to stop what I’m doing and head right to the kitchen!

2. I hardly use plastic bags, but I carry around these adorable reusable bags from Baggu and I love when they come out with new styles. Though I have many from this company, heavy in my rotation right now are these two I just got in the mail: grids and cow print.

3. It’s still summer and I know we are past the equinox, but I feel like the days are still getting hotter and hotter. The only thing to cool me down is this sour beer from Ex Novo Brewing Company: Cactus Wins the Lottery. This might be one of my favorite breweries and its situated in Corrales, NM. Did you know that some sour/gose beers are made with salt water? No wonder I cling to them during the intense heat, it must remind me of the beach! If you are in the area, be sure to check them out, and remember to support your local bar/beer-tenders by picking up some growlers!

5 Things with Damian Garduño

4. It finally hit me, after months of COVID, but I realized that I miss going into public spaces. I have also been really busy with school and work. So what do I listen to during this time and help me cope with the shutdown? Google 90s Mall Vaporwave Music, it is so nostalgic and great background music for when you are creating or reading! I kind of like how eerily spooky it sounds sometimes – just picture yourself in an empty mall as a kid… so relaxing.

5. Before I started working for Submaterial, I had always been obsessed with the OJO Panels, especially the gradient ones. The current retail collection has some darker neutral colors, my absolute fav. I like to stare and get lost in them, they are somewhat of an optical illusion. As I am typing this I am looking over at it and thinking, maybe today is the day I purchase one!