5 Things with Janet Cooper

28 August 2023 |

Time for another installment of our blog series, 5 Things. This series highlights our fantastic employees and some of the things they are into at the moment. Today we are featuring fabricator Janet Cooper, who joined the Submaterial team this spring after moving to New Mexico from Iowa in March. She trained and has been working in all of the departments that make up our manufacturing process.  Let’s get to Janet’s 5 things!



1. I absolutely love watching Star Trek in my spare time. Strange New Worlds is a new ST series that’s out, and it has been sooo good!

2. I’m a huge nerd and play Dungeons and Dragons every other week with my partner and four of our friends. I play a deep gnome barbarian named Helene, who just loves to make friends.

3. I’ve recently gotten back into doing ceramic work at home. I am currently working on an urn for my grandpa and a shadow box for my father’s dog who just passed.



4. I’ve started roller skating since moving to New Mexico in March. It’s been a challenge but I’m not giving up!

5. My favorite product at Submaterial is called Rain. It’s an acoustic panel product with long stripes that give the impression of rain dripping down a window. I just think it’s really beautiful.


a white felt wall with slightly curved vertical lines. A figure in blue is blurry at left and the top of an orange chair is seen at right.