5 Things with Tess Lithgow

20 October 2020 |

We’re well into fall now, and here in Albuquerque leaves are starting to change and drop. Fabricator Tess Lithgow, part of the Glue Team, is on board with this seasonal shift! A transplant from LA, they know how to enjoy the little things once the heat lets up. Enjoying nature both inside and out, having a limited edition beverage, and most of all spending time with their brand new German Shepherd Aussie mix puppy – Tess has some solid autumnal 5-Things. Enjoy!

5 Things with Tess Lithgow

1.  I have around twenty house plants, and being stuck inside more than ever has really made me appreciate them extra. I recently got this 3D printed planter that I love from Printerror, an Etsy shop based out of Austin, TX.

2.  Balancing my job with getting my BFA and producing my own artwork doesn’t give me much time to stop and chill. But my new pup Frankie has given me a responsibility to go on daily walks. Taking in the fresh air and sweet Craftsman and southern-inspired homes in my neighborhood of Downtown ABQ helps me unwind. But more importantly, watching my dog frolic around really helps me take in the simple stuff.

3.  Any free time I get these days I spend painting. I’ve been doing lots of mixed media paintings/drawings on paper recently, working on smaller scale stuff. The size allows me to finish pieces faster and produce more, something I value while I have less time on my hands.

5 Things with Tess Lithgow

4.  It’s October now and I’m fully in the fall mentality. I love seasonal beer, but this spicy pumpkin beer from New Belgium is hands down my favorite. It’s brewed with cinnamon and chili peppers which gives it an extra kick.

5.  Working at Submaterial has really been the sweetest of deals. Not only do I get to work with my hands and be in an artistic environment, but I love so many of the products we make. The Murmur Trees have always been a personal favorite of mine since their release. They remind me of tiny, magical trees, and they’re so peaceful to look at.