Albuquerque Economic Development – Local Installation

17 September 2018 |

Albuquerque, New Mexico – The Land of Enchantment

Albuquerque is celebrated for its diverse culture, unique blend of cuisine, and breath-taking skies. Situated between a vast mountain range and a winding river, the city is nestled into the landscape and offers a wide variety of outdoor activities. It is no surprise that the population continues to grow, and with that growth, the need for quality jobs is on the rise.

Downtown Albuquerque

Albuquerque Economic Development (AED)

With a steadily increasing population of over 900,000 residents, economic resources remain vital to the city’s success. Albuquerque Economic Development is a non-profit organization geared towards growing local industry, recruiting new employers, and generating jobs.

With support from investors and allies in the public sector, AED actively recruits companies that will export goods or services from New Mexico, thereby bringing new investment dollars to the state. By contributing to the area’s economic growth, development, and diversification, these jobs improve the standard of living and opportunities within the Albuquerque area.

Submaterial Installation at AED

Recently, AED moved its office to downtown Albuquerque, a rapidly revitalizing area that is the center of the city’s business, financial, and government sectors. We were excited to learn they wanted to incorporate our wallcovering designs into their new space in the Albuquerque Plaza office tower.

Submaterial Installation at AED

The redesign of the office suite was completed by Architect Jarrod Cline and Albuquerque Plaza’s property manager Brenda Moore, while the AED Vice President of Operations, Ceela McElveny, took on the décor of the interior. Submaterial’s Index Dimensional Wallcovering was specified and later installed by our own team. Although this design was intended to be installed with the modular tiles aligned horizontally, Ceela had us install them in an opposite configuration. We were excited to see our product oriented differently and we love how it turned out! Additionally, they selected our Odessa Panel for the conference room, pictured below. Crafted in heathered orange wool felt, the panel is beautifully accented by a blue Venetian plaster wall and wood-tiled ceiling panels.

“AED hosts clients from around the country who are here to learn more about expanding their business in Albuquerque. The wallcovering and wall panel always catch their attention, and we are proud to showcase Submaterial’s beautiful work and highlight the company as a local success story” – Ceela, AED Vice President of Operations

We are elated to have our products in a prominent Albuquerque location like the AED office but especially proud to say we have completed our first installation in our home city.

Submaterial Installation at AED