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Nobody likes bare walls, but there are plenty of options beyond wallpaper and paint!
Five Mirror Shapes to Consider for Your Home
24 May 2022

Whether you’re looking to bring some light into your space or you want a mirror for more practical reasons (mirror selfies!), it’s important to find the right shape for your space. Submaterial’s Wander Mirror Collection comes in five shapes, tied together by their distinctive felt edging. The collection also comes in a variety of sizes and can be made in almost any color you can dream up.

Wander Square

A square mirror is an undeniable classic – bringing beautiful proportions and rounded edges to your wall décor. Squares are also a great choice for mirror groupings! Hang three above your mantle or fireplace for good luck.

Wander Mini Square Trio

Wander Circle

Circular mirrors bring curvilinear appeal to every room. They call back to gazing at your reflection in a pool of water and bring harmony to a space. Perfect as a bathroom mirror above a sink or above a vanity in a bedroom

Wander Small Circle

Wander Hex

The Wander Hex mirror is just made for the bedroom. Every outfit will sparkle when framed by the whimsical lines of this hexagonal shape. This mirror looks great hung vertically or horizontally – or maybe hung askew for some asymmetry in your space.

Wander Hex

Wander Pill

This capsule-shaped glass mirror is another one that looks lovely hung vertically or horizontally. The capsule shape has a very midcentury feel, with its gentle curves and ribbed felt edges. This piece will be perfect in a master or guest bedroom.

Wander Pill

Wander Rectangle

No entryway is complete without a mirror! It’s a necessary luxury for checking your outfit, your hair, your face, or your teeth before you walk out the door! The rectangular shape is perfect for seeing all there is to see and bringing a little sunshine to your home entrance or foyer or your business’ lobby or waiting room. The rectangular shape can hang or stand, vertically or horizontally.

Wander Rectangle

Looking to purchase a Wander Mirror for your space? We have several ready-to-ship in our shop or be in touch to custom order a mirror in your favorite color!