Springtime Renewal

13 April 2022 |

Spring is here in New Mexico! And what that means is the weather vacillates between two inches of soft, fluffy snow and 75-degree days; our footwear switches between hiking boots and Birkenstocks, all while we sneeze from wind-blown pollen. At Submaterial, we have chosen to embrace the spring and its promise of buds that will soon turn to flowers and an exciting sense of renewal.

Earlier this year, we decided to create one of our new Odessa Flat panels to celebrate the upcoming change of season. We took inspiration from the Pantone color of 2022, Very Peri, and chose the new FilzFelt color Immergrün and paired it with a spring-y chartreuse and a deep blue. ⁠ We quickly realized that no celebration of spring would be complete without flowers, so we reached out to Floriography Flowers and shared our inspiration. We asked Floriography to design a complementary showstopper of an arrangement to help us introduce this new product and boy did they deliver! ⁠

Odessa Flat

The Submaterial team has also been working on another huge project that we are thrilled to introduce this season.


We are launching a Designer Membership Program!

Flat lay of the package we sent to interior designers to introduce our new program

In addition to our work in wall-to-wall solutions for commercial clients, Submaterial, on a smaller scale, has always designed and fabricated custom wall pieces for the homes and offices of individual and interior design clients. Last year we decided that we wanted to systemize and expand those offerings with a special program exclusively for residential interior designers. Designers can now apply for membership (with documentation of their business license) and, when accepted, have access to a trade discount, ready-to-ship products not available to the public, and early notifications of new and pre-order pieces.

Where designers will navigate to enter the designer portal.

We have created an entire designer portal on our newly redesigned website (surprise… but more on that later). This password-protected, designer-only section of the site highlights the expansiveness of our residential design products, from small sculptural objects for your tabletop to richly detailed felt, leather, or Ultrasuede wall decor for rooms of any size. This new site also lets us spotlight some products whose announcements were eaten by the pandemic.

For example, we introduced our Wander Mirror collection in early 2020. The perfect marriage of form and function, the mirrors have simple, clean lines and a modern feel. The ribbed effect of the wool felt strips turned on edge creates a deep texture that frames the contours of glass.

Wander Mirror | Small Square in Aubergine

Likewise, 2020 was the 20th anniversary of our Construct wall hangings. First designed and constructed on the kitchen floor of founder David Hamlin’s house in Seattle, Constructs have been fabricated from found metal objects, maps, felt, leather, and more. To celebrate the 20th anniversary, we created wall hangings in the three most popular designs using soft, tactile, gorgeous Knoll Ultrasuede.

Construct Liquid Wall Hanging

Designer members have access to more than three dozen ready-to-ship mirrors, wall hangings, and other products and the ability to order custom, all with a discount!

Ok, let’s circle back to our website news. We have a brand-new website! This site was designed to share the rich colors, skilled craftsmanship, and versatile styling of our products. In exploring the site,  you can learn more about our company and its lovely humans, check out our architectural products, read more blogs, and snag a Submaterial piece of your own.

Creating this new website and designer membership program has been a labor of love for us and we are excited to see it bloom! We hope that our new and expanded retail shop makes it easier for design-loving folks to purchase one-of-a-kind Submaterial pieces and we look forward to working with interior designers and their clients to customize the perfect design for every space.


Happy Spring!