Stylish Living Room Wall Decor Ideas (For Any Budget)

5 September 2023 |
a living room with a floral wallpaper accent wall., a gray couch and a large plant

Almost nothing will make a dwelling feel more like a home than having the right (for you!) interior design. There is a reason that people spend more than $26 billion every year on interior design services in the United States.

However, you don’t need a professional interior designer’s help to use wall decor to make your living space more attractive. With the right living room wall decor ideas, you can add layers of beauty to your living room without having to break the bank.

People are amazed when they realize how many different ways there are to use simple decorations to spruce up their living rooms. Read on to learn all about the top living room wall decor ideas for any budget!

Make the Most of Accent Walls

Many people imagine repainting their living room walls would be expensive. However, what if you could cut down on labor and expenses by only painting one wall in your living room? That is the whole idea of accent walls.

With the right accent colors, you can make your living room look dramatically different at a minimum cost. You might want to try accent colors that contrast or complement what you already have in your living room. If you are not quite sure if an accent wall will work for your home, you may want to use some of the other living room wall decor ideas we will discuss in this article. After you have figured out how else you want to change the design of your living room, you can reconsider if painting one wall a new color works well with the new look of your living room.

Use Wall Decals

Wall decals are a special type of non-permanent sticker you can add to your walls. The great thing about using wall decals for your living room is that you can find them in an enormous variety of styles.

If you want, you can use a wall decal that references a bygone style you have a special affection for. Perhaps you love the Art Deco period and want decals that show stylized decorative elements like geometrical forms, zigzags, and chevrons. Or, you might use a decal to reference a favorite season or hobby.

You can also use beautiful wall decals with floral patterns in living rooms that have plenty of light. This is often the perfect way to give people the impression that they are sitting in a garden while they enjoy your living room.

Another great thing about wall decals is that you can change them. You might want to invest in different styles or colors of wall stickers and switch them around based on your mood or the season. Once you start seeing how much of a difference these decals can make in your living room space, you might find yourself acquiring a collection of decals for your different moods!

The fact that you can remove wall decals also makes them a great temporary choice for renters.

Enjoy Felt Wall Decorations


Some people want to make their living rooms more beautiful without harming the environment. The good news is that there is also a wide variety of natural and sustainable wool felt wall decoration options that you can use to create a unique and striking look in your living room.

The great thing about felt is that it is an environmentally friendly material. On top of that, it is a less common material for wall decorating purposes. That means you may find many guests inquiring about the custom felt showpiece you have used to spruce up your living room.

Discussing this wall art can provide the perfect opportunity to express your interest in environmental consciousness and interior design at the same time.


Enhance Wall Space With Art Pieces

a bright living room with a couch chair and lamp. Leaning on the far wall is a large textured painting of a woman

Art is one of the most classic ways to fill empty space on a bare wall. These days, it is often easy to find large paintings or prints that cost less than you might expect.

On top of that, it is easier than ever before to order art online and return it if it does not meet your expectations. That means that you can experiment with a number of different pieces of art until you find the right ones for your living room. You can also visit art markets or antique stores to find out of the orginary pieces to enhance your living room’s beauty.

Add Photos to Your Living Room Walls

On the other hand, why not use the unique story of your own family to decorate your living room walls? One of the easiest ways to change your living room atmosphere is to decorate its with some of your favorite family or friend photos.

You can also use this design idea to give you a good excuse to take new family photos. Sometimes, the most artistic way to use family photos on a living room wall is to create a salon-style hanging of a collection of photos.

Use Empty Frames to Spice up Your Walls

This idea might sound counterintuitive at first, but it might work for your sense of style. You can decorate your living room walls with a variety of empty picture frames. You can find frames in different sizes, colors, and styles and then arrange them in artistic patterns across your walls.


Add Extra Lights to Your Walls

A trio of square mirrors framed in ribbed felt from left to right in purple, heathered white, and dark gray.

Why not add something functional as well as beautiful to your walls to improve your living room design? Consider installing new light fixtures on your walls to add beauty and functionality.

First, you can find gorgeous light fixtures that are works of art all by themselves. Plus, the extra light they provide can change the mood and ambiance of your space.


Use Mirrors in an Artistic Way

A trio of square mirrors framed in ribbed felt from left to right in purple, heathered white, and dark gray.

Although we often consider mirrors to be functional tools, thoughtfully designed mirrors add beauty to a space as well. Another great way to change your living room design is to add one or more mirrors to one or more walls. The right arrangement of mirrors in various shapes and sizes can create a beautiful artistic effect that changes the look of the room as you move around it.

Inspire Your Walls With Quotes

People come up with a lot of different ways to try to remind themselves of principles or ideas that are important to them. One way is to install a giant inspirational quote on your wall.

This is a great way to express your values while helping yourself remember to live up to them. Using an inspirational quote on your wall is also an effective way to express yourself and find opportunities to speak with others about your goals and values.

Add Light Strings to Your Walls

Some people think light strings are something you only use around Christmas and other winter holidays.  However, it is worth reflecting on how much people enjoy the beauty of these lights during that special time of year. Why not enjoy a version of that beauty year-round?

Consider running lines of white or colored lights across your walls or draping them from ceiling to floor to enhance your living room’s atmosphere.

Know the Best Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Now it is time to think about how to spruce up your space! It is easy to feel overwhelmed by options when looking at your bare living room walls and considering the methods and costs of adding decoration. Hopefully, learning about the ideas others have used will help get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to come up with fun new decorating ideas of your own.

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A green felt room divider with tiles of open petal shapes hangs behind a gray couch. There is a large plant at left and a modern black lamp at right
Wool felt square mirror in eggplant next to an orchid and plants reflected.