Submaterial Attends ICFF

5 June 2018 |

2018 ICFF

The 30th Annual NYC International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) brought in over 36,000 attendees and almost 900 exhibitors from the design industry earlier this month. This four-day platform for international design connects professionals from the industries of building, remodeling, and interior design.

With over 400 booths across Javits Convention Center in Manhattan, there are many products ranging from stationery, light fixtures, and large designer furniture.

Submaterial Attends ICFF

Submaterial at ICFF

This year, Submaterial sent two team members to NYC ICFF to gain insight on future design partnerships and increase knowledge for future exhibiting possibilities. While Emily Howe spent most of her time as a Textile Mentor for WantedDesign Brooklyn, she and Alyssa Garnham walked the floor of ICFF and networked with some amazing companies. We picked a few of our favorites and linked them below.




Eugene Stoltzfus Architects & Furniture – This company, based in Virginia, carves furniture from recycled composite cork.

MASSPRODUCTIONS – A Stockholm furniture company, focusing on efficiency and sustainability.


Gradual by Rux Studios – This company is taking a new approach to how we interact with time. Their lights count seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades and even centuries.

Kjartan Oskarsson Architecture & Furniture – Kjartan is pushing against the direction of modern-day technology.; instead of speaking to a computer to turn on the light for you, they find value in the intentional interaction of user and product.

Kjartan Oskarsson Architecture & Furniture


Zimarty – Utilizing architectural concepts and design, Zimarty 3d prints unique and eye-catching jewelry.


These are only a handful of the amazing and innovative designs we encountered. We encourage you to check out the NYCxDESIGN website to view this year’s award winners.