Submaterial Summer Event: Cocopotamus

2 July 2019 |

Cocopotamus is operated by a young and ambitious husband and wife duo specializing in chocolate truffles with a wide flavor range. See how they’re made here!

It is worth noting Cocopotamus is the chocolate provider for the Oscars, Golden Globes and Emmy Awards where celebrities pair these chocolates with their favorite wines.

We ordered their truffles for our Submaterial Summer Event, which is a company dinner we put together twice per year. Our event included all 46 of our employees and their plus-one invites. Each employee received a branded MiiR Thermos with a variety of Cocopotamus truffles inside.

Summer Event

Cocopotamus Mission

This small kitchen has a global reach, intentionally creating flavors from various regions in several countries.

“As human beings, we all crave connection. We need family, friends, and community to make us happy & whole. To make us productive and joyful.

It is our belief that valuing and understanding other cultures can help make the world a better place. For decades we have lived abroad and traveled, meeting people largely through their cuisines & cultures. We’ve shared our own backgrounds and the yummy things we’ve picked up along the way.

The joy of food is how we connect with other people. It’s also how we help connect others to each other.
So our secret mission is simple at heart:

Chocolate, it’s how the world is one.”

While visiting their kitchen to pick up our bulk order, we learned more about a few of their chocolates and where their names came from.

Oopsy Daisy: Current Cocopotamus owner David Le accidentally made this salted coconut truffle on his first day at Cocopotamus. He was trying to make the Hang Loose truffle, an island coconut dark chocolate flavor. Upon admitting his folly, the previous owner tasted the chocolate, threw in some extra salt, and added it to the collection.

Darth Vegan: A fun spin on our favorite Sith Lord, the Darth Vegan is a black coffee vegan chocolate truffle with a whole coffee bean on top (yummm).

Lemon Shiver: This truffle has a sweet and funny name origin related to the original company owner. When he would eat this truffle or any lemon flavor, he would get the shivers from the sour taste.

Naked Hottie: One of our favorite naming stories; Jason Isaacs (father of Draco Malfoy) made a joke at the Emmy Awards about the original Hottie truffle without a chili coating being a “naked hottie” and the name definitely stuck.

Summer Event