Submaterial Summer Event: MiiR Vacuum Insulated Bottles

3 July 2019 |


Spurring from a tragic accident with life flashing before his eyes, Brian founded MiiR to create something bigger than himself. His goal was to fill the obvious need for a less cumbersome and reusable water bottle, while also making a difference in the world. Learn more about Brian’s story here.

The MiiR products are designed at the Seattle HQ and intended to be minimal, sustainable, functional, and enduring. The company is a certified B-Corporation,  which is awarded to for-profit organizations that “meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.”


“As a certified B corporation it was important for us to be in a space which was designed with environmentally conscious intent and expression. We are in the Brooks Running building which is LEED certified and part of Living Building Pilot program. It has been touted as one of the most efficient commercial buildings in the nation.”


Give Code

Each and every product includes a Give Code, which allows the consumer to see exactly where their $1 donation went and how it is making a difference. Check out their extensive list of projects!

Summer Event

Submaterial Water Bottles

Since we are a team of makers working in a high-end manufacturing environment, aesthetic and function are important elements. We need the ability to close anything we’re drinking from in our production spaces, and it is always a plus when we can stay on brand. We ordered the MiiR 20 oz Wide Mouth and had our word-mark engraved down the side. Each thermos was filled with Cocopotamus chocolate truffles in various flavors. Read more about Cocopotamus on our previous blog post.

Summer Event

Next Time You’re in Seattle!

Headquartered in Seattle, MiiR makes it a point to be a destination and serve the community as a place for people to come together.

“We’ve created a place for people to connect, converse, learn, and grow. We mix MiiR hard goods, superb coffee, a huge selection of beers on tap, food to sustain you, information on the MiiR Give and community. You can shop our entire product line as well as Flagship exclusives. We’re an anchor in our local neighborhood and a place to learn about the broader world. We offer events and seminars from our partners. We are a place to gather before your next ride, walk or run and a spot to cool down and swap stories. For our corporate and community group neighbors, we offer a meeting space for rent.”