Submaterial Wool Felt at Hummingbird Art Camp

15 August 2019 |

Hummingbird Music Camp

For over sixty years, Hummingbird Music Camp has been giving elementary and middle school age children a place to learn and grow in their musical and creative talents. The structured environment gives young campers the opportunity to enjoy fresh mountain air while going on hikes, dancing, swimming in the river, fishing, and of course creating music.

The camp is one week (offered for all 9 weeks of summer) in the Jemez Mountains, encouraging students to grow as individuals and as members of a team, while also gaining confidence in their musical abilities.


Hummingbird Art Camp

Since starting the Hummingbird Music Camp, they have since developed Hummingbird Art Camp and Hummingbird Chess Camp. Hummingbird Art Camp is intended to, “expand their creativity by undertaking an assortment of projects with diverse media. Each child works with professional art teachers who inspire ingenuity and creativity.”

Submaterial Wool Felt at Hummingbird Art Camp

Wool Felt Offcuts Influencing Art

While seeking avenues to get rid of our wool felt scraps, we’ve come across talented artists with experience working with various mediums. A few months ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Voglewede, a local artist who has been teaching at the Hummingbird Art Camp for ten years.

Each year, Sarah finds something new for the students to create in order to keep them inspired and further their creative knowledge. In the past, they have done projects like painting murals, crafted woven wall-hangings, carved balsa sculptures, made self-portraits on wood panels, and many more.

Submaterial Wool Felt at Hummingbird Art Camp

This year, Sarah had her students make over-sized masks with recycled cardboard, paper mache, paint, and various other materials to finalize the detailing. Submaterial provided wool felt off-cuts and we were pleasantly surprised to see photos on Instagram a few weeks later.

The Hummingbird Art Camp and the Hummingbird Music Camp ended their week-long activities with a collaborative (visual and musical) performance of “In The Jungle” and “The NeverEnding Story.”

Submaterial Wool Felt at Hummingbird Art Camp

Wool Felt Availability

Our studio handcrafts wool felt Wallcoverings and other design accessories. During the fabrication process, we generate large quantities of scrap material and are dedicated to finding avenues to keep the felt out of the landfill. If you or someone you know can utilize the material, please
contact us!