Transform Your Commercial Interiors with Felt Wall Covering

19 June 2023 |

Submaterial Felt Wall Coverings for commercial interiors are a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. Since launching our cork-backed and acoustic panel designs with Filzfelt in 2014, these felt wall coverings have been installed in interior spaces throughout the United States. The 100% Merino wool felt we use is a versatile and durable material. It is milled to have saturated and colorfast tones. It repels soiling and moisture, is self-extinguishing and inherently flame retardant, has thermal insulating properties, and its non-fraying properties allow it to be used on edge (which we love) to create bold patterning. It is also natural, sustainable, and compostable, all factors that align with our studio’s focus on our product’s impact on the world. Importantly, these wall coverings are also sound softening, adding vital functionality to a beautiful floor-to-ceiling treatment. In the spring of 2023, we expanded our wall covering collection with Filzfelt by adding four new designs. See the new acoustic panels below from left to right: Velo, Rise, Arcade, Ion.

This blog post will explore how handmade Submaterial felt wall coverings have been used in various commercial interior spaces, from performance centers to hospitals, hotel lobbies, restaurants, and more!

New Acoustic Panel Designs: Velo, Rise, Arcade, Ion


The most popular locations for Submaterial felt wall coverings have been in lobbies, offices, hallways, and conference rooms for companies large and small all over the United States and Canada. In offices, felt wall coverings can help to create a sense of warmth and comfort while also absorbing sound and reducing distractions (a major plus in more open-concept office spaces). The material’s texture can also help create a sense of depth and dimension, which can be particularly effective in larger office spaces where the walls often feel flat and uninspired.

Submaterial FilzFelt index dimensional wallcovering in a neutral shade of white lines an office, providing sound dampening

Index Dimensional

Office space with a blue, gray, and white felt wall covering next to a tall tables

Index Wide

A Black man stands at a gray marble front desk with the word Westin carved into it. Behind him is a gray felt wall with overlapping circular patterns

Custom Wall Covering for the PBS Headquarters


Submaterial felt wall coverings have also been installed in hospitality spaces such as hotels, restaurants, and cafes to get use. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to the interior decor while also helping to soften sound. Have you ever been in a restaurant, and the space was so loud and full of echos that you you could not hear yourself think, let alone hear the voices of your dining companions? Felt wall coverings change the acoustics in commercial interiors for the better. They also help promote a sense of privacy and seclusion in intimate spaces such as lounges and private dining areas. The soft texture of the acoustic wall covering seems to envelop the space and the conversations happening there.

Index Dimensional

fuschia booth set into an arched curvalinear enclosure with filzfelt submaterial ribsy wallcovering in a deep wine color lining the arch for sound dampening

Ribsy, photo by Mikiko Kikuyama

A Black man stands at a gray marble front desk with the word Westin carved into it. Behind him is a gray felt wall with overlapping circular patterns

Custom Wall Covering for the Westin Hotel, NOLA


Submaterial felt wall coverings have also been used in a range of educational spaces, from classrooms and libraries to lecture halls and museums. In classrooms, felt wall coverings can create a sense of coziness, while creating a quiet space where students can focus. The softness of the material facilitates a more relaxed and informal learning environment, which can be particularly effective for younger students. In libraries, felt wall coverings create a quiet and peaceful environment that is conducive to studying and reading. The texture of the material also depth, dimension, and visual interest in institutional spaces whose environments can often be dull and uninspired.

A number of years ago, Submaterial was excited to design acoustic walls for a local Albuquerque children’s museum called Explora. An interior space meant for learning, exploring, and collaborating, the acoustic panels (including the Bulb panels seen straight on in the image below) added a striking accent design to the space while muffling the often loud sounds of excited children engaging with the interactive exhibitions.

Custom Acoustic Wall Treatments


Submaterial wall coverings offer aesthetic advantages in healthcare spaces. Many hospitals and clinics use these materials to create a welcoming and calming environment for patients and visitors. Wall coverings feature tranquil colors and patterns, creating a sense of serenity. They can also add visual interest and texture to otherwise plain walls, creating a more pleasant space. How often have you walked into a medical space or spent hours staring at the walls of an emergency room or clinic, and this “hospital green” is all you see? Submaterial wall coverings can help change that situation.

In 2022, we were thrilled to have Rain, a Submaterial acoustic panel design, installed in the lobby of a new building on the Seattle Children’s Hospital campus. This extra-height version of our standard Rain panels was rendered in warm neutrals with subtle taupe-colored details. The long, smooth lines and faint movement feels like an engaging, yet soothing design for a space that many enter with anxiety or trepidation.

Custom Rain Acoustic Panels, photo by Benjamin Benschneider

In conclusion, Submaterial felt wall coverings are a versatile and sustainable option for adding texture and interest to various commercial interiors. From healthcare to hospitality and retail to educational spaces, felt wall coverings offer a range of benefits, including improved acoustics, warmth, and tactile sensory experiences. If you are considering a wall covering for your next commercial project, contact Filzfelt to discuss using Submaterial felt wall coverings for a distinctive and sustainable option.