WID + Submaterial Creative Event 2022

27 April 2022 |

On Thursday, April 21, Submaterial hosted Women in Design NM for an evening of networking and creativity. Women in Design NM is a volunteer-driven nonprofit celebrating women in the field of design through networking and education. We first hosted WID NM in the spring of 2019 in our current studio prior to our moving in, so it was all blank walls and empty spaces. Now more than three years later, the building certainly looks very different.

This event was the first time since the start of the pandemic that we have been able to welcome a group into our space. The evening was such a JOY and it was endlessly inspiring to see what these creative folks could do with Submaterial scraps and some hot glue!

Tables set up for the event

In fabricating our beautiful and detailed wall coverings and wall decor here at Submaterial, we create a lot of offcuts. After donating materials to local arts and education non-profits and providing them to artists like Molly Zimmer, who creates beautiful vessels with our scraps, we still have a wide selection of leftover felt and cork. For this event, we created a veritable smorgasbord of scrap materials. Attendees were offered acoustic panels in various sizes to use as a canvas, with felt facing options, and then were left to their own devices to create their panel.

Makers in action

The results were fantastic! Each panel was fun, colorful, and reflected the unique style of the maker. Thank you to all who attended!


Showing off their creations