Cultivating Calm: Zen-Inspired Decor for a Tranquil Living Space

26 June 2024 |
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In today’s world, only about 6% of Americans feel that they’re living in their dream home.

Creating the perfect home isn’t easy. While you can get assistance from interior designers, it’s important that your home is for you, and you should design it accordingly.

If you want to create a peaceful, calming space, you’ll want some zen decor. It can help provide a sense of tranquility. So, where should you begin?

In this guide, we’ll review some zen decor ideas you can use for inspiration. Keep reading for more.

A white felt wall panel in a home scene with a large glass wall and modern furniture

1. Wall Art

Wall art can greatly affect the feel of a home. Even something small and simple can be a focal piece that brings a room together.

If you want to create a more zen space, you could invest in beautiful and cozy wall decor. Our Odessa Wall Art is a perfect example. The uniform and monochromatic grid creates a visually satisfying surface.

The soft felt material is not only soft in texture but also softens harsh acoustics. All of our felt wall art is available in over 90 colors, so even if you’ve already decorated, you can customize a piece that works perfectly in your home.

2. Tranquil Color Palettes

The color palette should be one of your first considerations when decorating a room. Regardless of the furnishings and decor, the colors you go for will be among the most important factors.

Neutral tones are ideal if you want to create a sense of zen. Muted blues and greens can offer a natural feel without being too loud.

At the same time, you need to take your own color preferences into account. It’s your space, so you want to ensure you find it aesthetically pleasing. It can be worth looking into color psychology if you want to get a better idea of the impact that certain colors might have.

A tan leather rectangle with built up small squares hung vertically on a wall with other art works.

3. A Divvy Screen

There are all kinds of uncommon furnishings you can add to your home, with screens or room dividers being a great choice. They’re an aesthetically pleasing addition that can create a more flexible living space.

The Divvy collection is elegant and airy, so you can define different spaces without making them feel constricted. If you have a fairly open space and you want to designate different areas, this is a great way to do it.

They consist of lightweight natural cork or wool felt tiles that are connected with durable stainless steel rings with a soft, satin finish.

Felt screen made of tan alternating rounded trapezoid shapes with lavender edges next to a desk in a home


Nothing offers peace and tranquility more than nature. While live plants can be ideal, they’re not always essential to add a more natural feel to your home. Sculptural objects can be a simple yet effective addition to your living space when you want to add a sense of peace.

Our Murmur trees incorporate natural forms and growth patterns to create a natural feel from a simple ornament. They come in sets of three, so you can effectively have a small grove in a single spot, or you can space them out through a room or home. They’re perfect for desks, tabletops, mantles, and other surfaces.

The bases are solid walnut, and the leaves are vegetable-tanned cowhide. You can customize the color of the base and leaves based on your preference.

Three tree shaped design pieces made with wood bases, metal stems and white leather leaves sit on a table with books and art

5. Serene Lighting Solutions

Getting the lighting right isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the effort. For a zen space, you want to focus on soft, diffused light sources. This will help create a soothing and peaceful ambiance.

Are you an overhead light hater? Floor and tabletop lamps are a great choice to create a peaceful space without the harshness of overhead lighting. With light fixtures, dimmer switches can be very useful, allowing you to adjust the brightness of a space whenever you want.

6. Wall Hanging

A wall hanging is ideal if you want to add a bit of home decor that doesn’t intrude on the space. You can hang these anywhere and they’re a bit more unique than traditional wall art.

The Steno Wall Hanging exudes midcentury modern style and can easily be placed in any room. The tiles are the same design as those on the Divvy Screen and are available in cork or double-sided felt. As these are 100% Merino wool, they offer subtle sound-dampening properties to help those who want a quieter space.

7. Mindful Technology Integration

Some people might be hesitant to add too much technology to a space, but when used thoughtfully, it can help make it more peaceful. Calming music and nature sounds can make a room feel more zen. Programmable lighting and temperature control can also be very effective, ensuring your space is always comfortable and welcoming.

8. Incorporate Softness

Soft decor items are your friend when creating a zen space. Consider rugs, sofa throws, or pillows to make a room feel more homely and comforting.

You can also use these to add some color to a space, if the walls and furniture lean more neutral, a saturated color pillow or puff could be the perfect compliment. Additionally, it’s easy to take them from room to room so you can stay comfortable at all times. Not only can you benefit from the physical touch of soft decor, but visual softness can also make your home feel more peaceful.

9. Create an Aromatic Ambiance

Zen decor isn’t just what you see, and focusing on other senses can enhance your home. Adding certain smells can help immerse you in the atmosphere of your home.

Some ideal scents include lemongrass, vanilla, and lavender, but there are plenty of others you can use. Reed diffusers, incense, and candles can add your favorite or nostalgic scents.

Finding the Right Zen Decor for Your Home

It can take some time to create the living space you’re after, but the results will be worth it. You can use any of these zen decor ideas to enhance your home. Submaterial wants to help you create that peaceful space.  Take a look at more of what we have available today.