David and Banjo
Watching the sky which goes a bottomless blue this time of year, and the delicate pink sunrise is definitely worth getting up early.
David and Banjo
A seasonal recipe & some pop up shopping!
11 November 2020

What’s Good at My House

We had a hot, dry and smoky summer in New Mexico that has finally given way to clear, cooler days and autumn colors. At my house in Placitas, we’ve been enjoying watching the sky which goes a bottomless blue this time of year, and the delicate pink sunrise is definitely worth getting up early for. From our deck, it sometimes feels like you can see forever and the quiet is so nourishing. Considering what 2020 has thrown our way I’ll take any hope and beauty I can get!

delicate pink sunrise

While I’ve been able to keep working at the Submaterial studio in Albuquerque, my partner has been working from home full time, juggling an online master’s degree and providing day-care to our new puppy Banjo*. That’s a lot! In gratitude, I have been spending a ton of time in the kitchen cooking food with just a few simple ingredients like posole, potato pancakes and a mood-altering pumpkin sage lasagna. Recipe!

Pumpkin and Mozzarella Lasagna

More than 20 years ago, my partner downloaded and cooked this recipe (to impress me no doubt) when I lived in a tiny studio apartment on Capitol Hill in Seattle. I’ve made it dozens of times since, with all kinds of variations but it never fails to improve my attitude. Hot chocolate is also in heavy rotation at our house. We like it best with red chile and cinnamon!


*Banjo is a Corgi-Aussie mix who just had his first snow day!

Submaterial Pop Up Shop

We hope our New Mexico friends will join us next week for a bit of outdoor, socially distanced shopping. Please come by our building at 3831 Midway Place NE on November 18-21 from 12-4 or by appointment. Check out our new home collection and say hello! Please wear a mask and plan to pay using a credit or debit card.


Put a little color on the table with a set of Submaterial trivets!

Shop Trivets

David’s table is looking sharp with vase and bowl from Modern Folkware, a round mat, and round coasters.

Shop the Home Collection

Home Collection

Modern Luxury Interiors Boston

Modern Luxury Interiors Boston

Upon entering through the double doors and into the foyer, one large focal stands out: a stunning double-sided fireplace made with walnut panels from Albuquerque, N.M. "It really was the bridge or the launch that really just made the house sing." Read more!

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Introducing Wood Panel Wall Decor

Introducing Wood Panel Wall Decor

While Submaterial is certainly best known for our wool felt products: wall coverings, wall art, sculptural objects, and more; we have also utilized wood to great success in numerous custom and retail products over the last few years (more about them in a minute). In...

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