Fall Newsletter 2012

14 November 2012 |

Commercial Project

Award-winning Apple software developer The Omni Group will soon be moving into their new offices in Seattle’s burgeoning Westlake neighborhood. For this SkB Architects project, senior designer Jami Howard specified Submaterial’s Wall Panel 071 in a blue and gray colorway with more than a dozen shades and thicknesses of wool felt. Selected for its modern beauty and sound-softening acoustic properties, our felt and anodized aluminum wall panel takes up much of one reception wall and serves as a backdrop for a large digital display.

Wall Panel 071

At 6 feet high and 11 feet wide, the panel would have been prohibitively expensive to ship whole from our Placitas, New Mexico studio. Instead, Submaterial fabricated this panel in three modular sections which could be seamlessly (and easily) joined on site by the contractor. As with all our large projects, a detailed PDF of custom instructions and all the necessary hardware was sent to the installer to ensure the best result.

An additional challenge was posed by the need to provide a cut-out to accomodate the digital display mounting plate. New trimming techniques had to be developed to create the crisp and accurate edges the client needed for the cut-out, and we can now add inside corners and “windows” to our toolbox of custom possibilities for Wall Panel 071. Thanks to The Omni Group whose enthusiasm for our felt sample led to another great project with Seattle’s SkB Architects.

David Hamlin


Although we closely manage our scrap and waste, Submaterial inevitably accumulates a large volume of felt trims and scraps. The small pieces of wool felt of every color and thickness are collected after production and stored for donation to schools and programs for children. Are you aware of a school or program that could benefit from this material? Please let us know so we can share with your community too! Contact us at [email protected].



The new Index Dimensional felt and cork wall covering has been getting a great response from our clients and some nice mentions in the industry press. Look for a full-page feature of Submaterial’s Index Dimensional wall covering in Interior Design Magazine’s 2012 Fall Market Tabloid. Have questions about our new line of Index wall coverings? Get in touch at [email protected].

Interior Design Fall Market Tabloid 2012

Interior Design Fall Market Tabloid 2012


Our signature holiday ornaments are available again this year in two festive colorways. Quantities are limited so catch them before they sell out. In observance of the holiday season Submaterial will close December 24th reopening on January 2, 2013.