Fall Newsletter 2013

20 November 2013 |

Customizable Design

One of the most important design features of Submaterial products is the adaptability built into everything we create. By allowing designers to modify not only colors and materials but also dimensions and scale, our work can be transformed to suit any environment. Canadian client Artkonstrukt recently chose to modify our Wall Panel 069 by selecting an off-white shade of vegetable-tanned cow hide instead of the usual recycled leather composite. This new material was thicker and more rigid, dictating a change of scale to our basic design. More than 1250 hand-cut leather parts were assembled to create this eye-catching geometric wall panel. The forms are stronger and more architectural than our typical design, with a deep, sculptural surface. The muted sheen of the leather adds another layer of visual interest.

Wall Panel 042

In a similar fashion, one of our residential clients asked us to scale up the size of the standard tiles for our Wall Hanging 042. By increasing their tile size to over 13 inches square, the client was able to use a thick wool felt in a color they loved for the surface – an option which would not have worked with the smaller standard tile. 

Construct Wall Hanging

Commercial Project

For the new Quicken corporate offices at 1001 Woodward in Detroit, designer Andrea Glos of Hamilton Anderson Architects specified our Index Dimensional wool felt and cork wall covering. The vibrant greens and magenta accents were composed randomly on the wall surfaces to striking effect. Index Dimensional cuts and installs easily, and you can even get a crisp outside corner where needed. You can see the 26 available colors for Index Dimensional as part of the color library now integrated into our website.

Index Dimensional: Commercial Project, Quicken


Thanks so much to Interior Design Magazine for featuring our new Index WIDE wall covering in the 2013 Fall Market Tabloid. With Index WIDE you can now create a bold and sculptural felt wall installation faster and easier than ever. The larger 12” H x 36” W size of Index WIDE makes for quicker coverage and we offer custom widths up to 42”. The height variation between the wool felt stripes brings a strong linear and dimensional quality to the design. Apply directly to the wall using heavy duty wall covering adhesive. Choose from one of 26 monochrome colors, or work with us to create your own unique colorway with over 60 colors to select from.

Interior Design Fall Market Tabloid 2013

Interior Design Fall Market Tabloid 2013