Fall Newsletter 2014

30 October 2014 |

As we find ourselves one year into this pandemic, we are thinking more than ever about our home spaces. Last year, many of us worked quickly to transform living rooms and bedrooms into offices and schools. This year, we are looking forward to returning to public spaces when it is finally safe to do so.

Let our coasters and mats help you make that transition. Whether you’re at home or at the office, we wanted to share some tips and tricks for making use of these pieces.

Orbit Catchall pictured above, with Index Dimensional wallcovering.

Aerial Wall Panel

New Products

Inspired by urban and agricultural land forms as seen from the air, the new Aerial wall panel from Submaterial softens harsh acoustics with its dimensional surface of wool felt and natural cork. Hand-cut, commercial quality wool felt is meticulously assembled on a natural cork backing then mounted to a rugged plywood sub-panel. A thick felt edge frames the perimeter of the panel so that only the beautiful colors of the felt are visible. Aerial can be composed using a single color to emphasize its deep texture, or you may select from more than 65 available options to create a striking custom colorway.

Aerial Wall Panel

The Aerial wall panel from Submaterial is made to order at any dimension, and our fabrication allows us to create panels which join easily and seamlessly into large continuous works. The mosaic-like surface of each panel is unique, and the dense natural materials make Aerial a great choice when artwork has to do double-duty as an acoustic enhancement.

Figure No 2

New Products

We’ve taken two of our most popular wall hanging patterns and reimagined them as a new series of wool felt and cork wall coverings . Scaled large for whole-room impact, these bold, organic patterns are both graphic and dimensional. With Figure no. 1, fluid lines move sinuously to repeat over a large area. Figure no. 2 is bold and geometric, providing a strong architectural element. Each pattern in the series has multiple installation variations, expanding the pattern options for each design.

Figure No 1

Figure wall coverings are available in more than 42 colors of commercial quality wool felt, and because each piece is assembled by hand, we are able to offer custom color-blocking options. Each cork-backed 12″ x 24″ section consists of one pattern element in 5mm and 2mm felt. Combining the sections creates a noise-softening surface with both linear and dimensional features.

Best of the Year 2014

Studio Sale

The once-per-year Submaterial studio sale ends soon! Many of our most popular panel designs are available in sizes to fit everything from apartments to lobbies. Materials include colorful merino wool felt, natural cork, lustrous cowhide and sleek metals. Our panel prototypes and one-of-a-kind pieces offer a sneak peek at upcoming products and variations – all at the best prices of the year!