Fall Newsletter 2018

12 November 2018 |

Ojo Wall Panel

“The Ojo Wall Panel draws together natural materials, vibrant color, and a rich cultural legacy to create a striking one of a kind modern wall accessory.”

Submaterial’s long-anticipated Ojo Wall Panel made it’s debut this Fall and is already proving popular among our network of local designers.

Ojo Wall Panel

Ojo Wall Panel

From its origin in South American spiritual traditions to its expression as a childhood yarn craft in 1970’s America, these forms have fascinated for generations.

We’ve been eager to translate the form into a Submaterial Wall Panel for years. With a new department dedicated to special projects and product development, we’ve finally been able to perfect the process and release Submaterial’s iteration of the design.

The finest natural wool felt is used in the construction of the Ojo Wall Panel. Each piece is meticulously cut by hand to create a balanced composition using color and line weight. The resulting surface communicates an illusion of depth, where color adjacencies define a sense of dimensional space. The felt surface is nestled into a powder-coated aluminum cradle.

Ojo Wall Panel

2019 Subwoofers Dog Calendar

“Our love for dogs begins in our homes, expands into our dog-friendly production studio, and flows into the community through our new partnership with Animal Humane New Mexico.”

Last year’s Subwoofers Dog Calendar began as fun internal project intended for our employees and family members. During the process, we realized the calendar could be a partnership opportunity benefiting less fortunate animals in our community.

2019 subwoofers

Animal Humane New Mexico was an easy choice for us to get in touch with. In 2018, we sold 100 calendars at $25 each, and donated $2500 to the shelter. This year, we’ll selling 350 calendars at only $15 each, and are hoping to donate over $5000 to their cause.

2019 subwoofers

This calendar features shelter pups, photographed in October this year. Since then, most have been adopted into their forever homes.

You can order the 2019 Subwoofers Dog Calendar on our online store, or come by our studio in Albuquerque, NM. Like last year, 100% of sales are being donated to Animal Humane!

Animal Humane, New Mexico