Spring Newsletter 2018

1 May 2018 |

Submaterial goes Retail

Submaterial design panels provide textural warmth and acoustic sound dampening, while highlighting our team’s craft and attention to detail. Each collection maintains its own unique form and simple, modern design language. Wallcoverings, watch out, here come the show-stoppers!


Although much smaller in scale, design panels feature a variety of colors and three-dimensional form that read in any lighting. Each panel face has dimensional interplay ranging from 1/8″ to 3/4″, while offering subtle to bold detailing and colorways. Over the past ten years, design panels have taken a back seat on the production and marketing front, but we’re ready to bring them back into the market.


For their 2018 retail debut, Submaterial’s favorite five panel designs are making their way into select design stores across the country. Each store is being carefully chosen, considering location, digital presence, reputation, and brand representation. We are beyond excited to kick-off the program this spring, and grateful to have received such a warm response from design store owners over the past few weeks.


“Improving interiors through color, texture, acoustics, and the use of warm, natural materials.”

Below are a few stores carrying Submaterial Design Panels in 2018
Molecule Design – Santa Fe, New Mexico
D3 Home – San Diego, California
For the People – Phoenix, Arizona
Design Distillery – Baltimore, Maryland
Lacuna Modern – Fayetteville, Arkansas
EWF Modern – Portland, Oregon

FilzFelt Visits Santa Fe & Albuquerque

Each year, the Spinneybeck | FilzFelt sales team holds a conference to go over the previous term and future goals. With 22 representatives in North America, their team promotes felt and leather wallcovering products to architecture and design firms. Submaterial Wallcoverings are sold exclusively through FilzFelt, and we work closely with this team on a daily basis.

FilzFelt Visits Santa Fe & Albuquerque

For their 2018 conference, the Spinneybeck | FilzFelt team met in Santa Fe for product presentations, then spent a day at the Submaterial design studio. We had the opportunity to walk them through our fabrication processes and demonstrate the many customizations we offer in each wallcovering design. The introduction of these two teams was long overdue, as we’re in fact one team that makes natural, handmade products possible.

FilzFelt Visits Santa Fe & Albuquerque

Material Donation

As a manufacturer, offcut material is a huge part of daily work-life. Over the past year, we’ve been networking with non-profits, educational leaders, and artists to keep our offcut felt and cork out of the trash.

Material Donation

It started through a partnership with Wemagination Resource Center, which you can read about on a previous blog post; and has grown to include multiple museums and schools.

A few of the organizations utilizing our larger offcut wool felt and cork are ExploraAlbuquerque MuseumNational Museum of Nuclear Science and HistoryMuseum of Natural History & ScienceArt StreetBoys & Girls Club, and Albuquerque Public School District.

Read our most recent blog post about how we utilized our own scrap felt to make pet toys for Animal Humane NM‘s adopted dogs and cats!

Material Donation

Smaller offcut felt is dropped off at a local H&M store offering clothing recycle. According to their corporate office, this material is being re-purposed as clothing and insulation. Our small offcut cork gets shipped to a company called ReCork, where it is ground up and turned into yoga blocks and sandals.

With this many outlets to recycle our material, there is virtually no need to trash any of the cork or felt coming from our studio. We’re grateful to our community for finding fun and creative ways to utilize our potential waste, and look forward to future partnerships.

If you or your company are interested in offcut wool felt or cork, contact us.