Summer Newsletter 2015

4 August 2015 |

Submaterial products have many features in common, but perhaps the most important to our clients is their adaptability. The modularity of each design allows for a wide range of variations affecting color, scale and even pattern. With the longer days of summer, we’ve had more time in the studio to explore some exciting new options for our customers.

Wall Panel 071

The engaging striped surface of our Wall Panel 071 is created using dozens of layers of wool felt of various colors and thicknesses. The placement of each stripe is carefully considered as the panel is assembled, typically achieving a balanced composition with color and line weight. The result is a must touch surface that adds a playful, graphic note to any interior. We are exploring new versions of our Wall Panel 071 that focus on intense gradients in both neutral and color palettes. Look for this panel and many others on the Submaterial Ready-to-Ship store as we prepare for our annual studio sale in mid-September.

Diade variations

For a recent Seattle condominium project, our clients asked us to modify the standard design of our Diade felt wall panel to create matched sets for use in dining and theatre rooms. Using the same standard layout but making minor changes in the line directions resulted in two distinctly different panel designs that brought a sense of individuality to the project.

Index Dimensional

Speaking of variations, did you know that our popular Index Dimensional wool felt and cork wall covering is now available in a larger size? The standard Index Dimensional tile size of 6 x 24 is now joined by a larger 12 x 36 size. The design and pattern remain the same – but scaled up for a bolder effect. Despite this enhancement, pricing per square foot is the same for either option and with faster coverage and installation, Index Dimensional is a great sound-softening choice for your commercial projects.